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Single-vineyard wines


The site Kapellenweingarten - Located at 550 m asl, our Kapellenweingarten site is airy and cool, and the highest vineyard of our winery. Its sandy and gravelly soils are ideal for growing Chardonnay(Morillon), Sauvignon blanc and Muscatel. The name derives from two chapels from two different periods and of different design.

Kapellenweingarten Morillon 2014

What  fascinating nose! Bell - clear, with grasping fruity scents of ripe banana and honeydew, backed by aromatic apple wedge and notes of fresh pretzels. Wonderfully juicy and harmonic aftertaste.

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Erste STK-Lage®

The site Sernauberg - a south-easterly oriented basin with extreme, steepy rising slopes. The fine sandy soils with a gravelly top have a lower lime content, and thus yield aromatic, floral and fruity wines. An attractive vineyard, home to the varieties Sauvignon blanc und Yellow Muscatel.

Sernauberg Muskateller 2015

Deep, multi-layered Muscat. Fragrant fresh fig and mandarin zest mingle with lawn daisy. Very juicy on the palate with sweet litchi and carambola fruit that continue to linger on the long mineral finish. Already offering drinking pleasure, but will continue to evolve advantageously with further bottle maturation.
Ideal to pair with Asian dishes flavoured with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, and citrus.


Sernauberg Sauvignon blanc 2015

"Erste STK Lage"®.
A multifaceted fireworks. Plenty of yellow bell pepper, celery, and crisp, fresh cucumber mingle with fruity notes like red currant and spicy apple. Impressively marked by the deep sandy soils - highly aromatic and deep. Aromas of asparagus and white pepper follow in the mouth.
Pairs with asparagus, vegetables , fish

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Grosse STK Lage®

The site Kranachberg – our unique "Große STK-Lage“®between Gamlitz and Leutschach: limey sands with a a high content of manganese lend these wines their unmistakeably cool and spicy aroma with intrinsic fruit. Kranachberg wines display marked notes of terroir, depth and muscle, are highly powerful on the palate and indeed an acquired taste.

Kranachberg Sauvignon blanc 2012

"Große STK-Lage“®.
A mineralic grab at first, almost impenetrable. After breathing a spicy creaminess of yellow bell pepper and dill, reminicent of mange-tout and ripe pinapple. On the palate, a delicate glaze of the sand and gravel soil is immediately present; playful, salty, highly accurate. Small-boned acidity and and immense complexity. Great lenght with a vivid finish.
Ideal with fish and seafood, shellfish, asparagus, mushroom dishes.

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Kranachberg Sauvignon blanc 2013

„Große STK-Lage“®
Pure, cool and full of finesse. A fascinating interplay of aromas like lemon zest, green peas and white asparagus. With breathing juicy goosebeery notes come up, mixing with some ripe bananas, very clear and thightly-knit. A focused minerality, then again deeply aromatic, fruity, and immensely elegant. Lingers on the palate for minutes.

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Kranachberg Sauvignon blanc 2014

„Große STK-Lage“®.
(Definitely one of the very best wines from the exciting 2014 vintage).Displays mineral notes reminiscent of cool smoke and white marble from the very beginning. With aeration more aromas are revealed - fennel, asparagus, and green apple, then even more exciting fruit like honeydew melon and nuances of pineapple. This is perhaps the finest, most subtle and pure Kranachberg Sauvignon blanc ever!
Pair with Asian -inspired dishes, strong fish, crustaceans, or asparagus

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Große STK Lage®

The Pfarrweingarten is a true Sattler USP: this "Große STK-Lage“® is the warmest of our vineyard sites and exclusively cultivated by our winery. Its limey soils contain Muschelkalk and coral-bearing layers that offer excellent conditions for growing Burgundies, such as Morillon (Chardonnay). With age, these wines develop extremely focused, salty mineral tones with a particular spiciness.

Pfarrweingarten Grauburgunder 2013

„Große STK-Lage“®
Spicy and complex in the nose, reminiscent of dried fruit and orange zest, nuanced and well-defined on the palate, elegantly integrated roasted aromas, deep lime-dominated terroir notes, juicy, mellow melting body, clear as abell, with lots of character and future. Best with lamb and beef. goose, and cheese.

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Pfarrweingarten Morillon 2012

"Große STK-Lage"®
A great deal of Chardonnay spiciness in the nose! Starting with ground hazelnuts and banana, mixed with pomegranate some white nougat. On the palate, minerals and fiery-spicy elements. Crystal clear, bright, extremely fine with an endless finish.
Ideal with braised veal, venison and game birds

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Pfarrweingarten Morillon 2013

„Große STK-Lage“®
Complexity right from the first sniff. Quince, juicy tangerine and salted almonds come up, then on the palate ripe apple backed by vanilla flavours. Remains fine & elegant, with a cheerful and fine-boned acidity. Graphite notes make the shell lime-stone based soil shine through. Great ageing potential.

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The quality seal STK is a trademarked brand of the wineries Gross, Lackner-Tinnacher, Neumeister, Erich & Walter Polz, Sattlerhof, Tement and Winkler-Hermaden and since 2013 also Maitz, Sabathi Erwin and Sabathi Hannes.

Please contact  us for any queries, we will be happy to tell you more about this brand.