Wines of calibre

Small and large formats

Large formats
The extremely attractive ageing potential of Sattlerhof single-vineyard wines is best exemplified in the large-format bottles of each vintage. The wines Morillon Pfarrweingarten (vintages 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2008) and Sauvignon Kranachberg (vintages 2006 und 2007) are available in various bottle sizes. You may select from:

  • Magnum (1,5 l)
  • Double-magnum (3 l)
  • Imperial (5 l)
  • Salmanazar (9 l)
  • Balthazar (12 l)
  • Nebukadnezar (15 l) und
  • Melchior (18 l)

Packed in wooden boxes, these bottles are an ideal, exclusive gift for particular occasions. Please ask us for our list of rarieties and we will send it upon request. Please be aware that only a limited number of big bottles is available and that we recommend to reserve these wines in time.

Please  contact us for any further information you may need.

Half bottles
Some vintages are also available in half-bottle format (0,375l). Currently this applies to the varieties

  • Sauvignon blanc Sernauberg 2012
  • Sauvignon blanc Kranachberg 2010
  • Pfarrweingarten Morillon 2008