Ideally located: our vineyards

Have a look at our  interaktive map with detailed descriptions of Sattlerhof´s prime vineyard sites:

Our vineyards are located in four  important wine growing sites

Ried Kranachberg

The site Kranachberg (Große STK Ried®) is situated between the towns of Gamlitz and Leutschach and mainly planted with Sauvignon blanc (approx. 90%). The unique composition of its soils (limey sands with light mica) lends the Sattlerhof wines their unmistakeable spiciness and fruity character.

Ried Sernauberg

The site Sernauberg (Erste STK Ried®) is a south-east oriented basin with extremly steep hills and a soil made up of a fine sandy layer with gravel on top. Here we grow mainly Sauvignon blanc and Yellow Muscatel.

Ried Pfarrweingarten

The site Pfarrweingarten (Große STK Ried®) is a small, but well-protected southward facing basin exclusivley cultivated by the Sattlerhof. Its soil consists of shell and coral limestone and offers excellent conditions for Burgundies.

Ried Kapellenweingarten

The first wines from the Kapellenweingarten are out now since 2014. Located at an altitude of 550 m above sea level, it is the highest vineyard of our winery. Its sandy and gravelly soils are ideal for growing Morillon (Chardonnay), Sauvignon blanc and Yellow Muscatel.

From vine to bottle

An organic approach and careful attention to the nature are key to our vineyard work. Soft pruning methods, hand-selection of grapes into small crates, cooled transportation to the presshouse, and careful pressing of the must - all this combines to produce excellent taste and perfect quality.